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Welcome to HSR Manufaktur
Sports cars (produced by such companies as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagani etc.) are unique vehicles. Each of these companies has included in the names of the cars they produce such features as technology, speed and beauty. For that reason only wealthy people can afford such a car.
The prices are real and reflect the true value of the vehicle. It means that those who have not been blessed with abundance will not be able to fulfill their dreams about a sports car.
At HSR Manufaktur we feel that our customers deserve beautiful high – tech, high quality, high performance sports cars at the best price. What is even more important is that owning a HSR Products leaves no room for compromise.
If there has to be a compromise, a lot of offered replicas, are unfortunately  cheap replacements.
Do you want to spend a lot of money on a vehicle which is made in such a way that the chassis gets rusted quickly or one which has low engine power?
From our point of view a replica should not be made from old cheap cables squeaky doors, a faulty steering system or closed ball-bearings.
Your sports car shouldn’t work like an old beater !
As far as our cars are concerned you have nothing to worry about. Our aim is to put you behind the wheel of a fantastic sports car for only a fraction of the price of the original. Up to small detail inside as well as outside HSR Manufaktur offers its customers live products. Each vehicle is hand-assembled and prepared with highest quality in mind. Thanks to the wide range of variants we can realize our customers’ dreams. (color, engine type, interior design)
Important: All vehicles are made from new parts or reconditioned parts.

Special offer:
We con offer the original vehicles of Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani ...., or as an alternative an HSR product, wich are based
"1 to 1" on the original detail (exept 3% oder of the legislation) including our offend technique.
 Pagani Zonda  1.200.000,- Euro

118.000,- Euro
(with AMG V8 motor)

 Bugatti Veyron  1.100.000,- Euro

126.000,- Euro
(with Audi V10 motor)

You can order an original or a HSR-Version.
We can give you alot more offerings on demmand.
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